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News for 2012

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In November Ellen Holder from Cirencester Judo Club who fights in the -44kg weight won Gold at the British Judo Council National Championships in Hereford in the age 10-11 category.

Last weekend, Ellen who is only ten won Bronze at the Ippon International Trophy in Antwerp fighting in the under 13 age category.

The County had a good day on Sunday, we entered a total of 6 teams on the day across the Board, that's 5 teams of Junior/Youth, and one Senior team, and I'm pretty sure that made our County the best represented at the event.

Our Boys 12-16 were excellent and took the Gold, our two Youth teams Male and Female both took Silver, and there were Bronze Medal finishes for the Boys u/12 and Girls 12-16.

Finally the Senior Mens team lost to Devon in what was basically the final to take the Silver.

Like I said a pretty good day for the County, and whilst everyone played their respective parts, the Bradley Stoke and Stroud Clubs deserve a special mention for the quality of the players they are currently producing.

Peter Salter - County Chairman.

Special thanks from Dean and Don to all the coaches that got their players there on the day and all the players who fought.

The County ran the Gloucestershire Junior Open for the fourth year in a row and it proved to be as successful as in previous years.

The clubs in the county had the following successes:

Apollo had 5 judoka entered:
Boys(12-15) -34kg Silver Kieran Hale
Boys(8-11) -50kg Bronze Oliver Griggs
Boys(12-15) -34kg Bronze Jon Phelps
Boys(12-15) +66kg Bronze James Cox
Boys(8-11) -27kg Fifth Henry Jones

Bradley Stoke had 24 judoka entered:
Girls(8-11) -28kg Gold Jess Reeves
Girls(8-11) -32kg Gold Tatum Keen
Boys(8-11) -34kg Gold Ethan Nairne
Boys(8-11) -38kg Gold Ryan Salman
Girls(8-11) -48kg Gold Zoe Okoye
Boys(12-15) -34kg Gold Toby Attwood
Boys(12-15) -42kg Gold Myles Nelson
Girls(12-15) -44kg Gold Megan Robinson
Boys(12-15) -46kg Gold Marc Arsac
Girls(12-15) -52kg Gold Steph Walker
Girls(12-15) -57kg Gold Lele Nairne
Girls(12-15) +63kg Gold Hannah Pitt
Boys(12-15) -66kg Gold James Hayes
Boys(12-15) +66kg Gold Louis Arsac
Boys(8-11) -27kg Silver Miles Woodward
Boys(12-15) -42kg Silver Jack Reeves
Boys(12-15) -50kg Silver Eli Britton
Girls(12-15) -52kg Silver Eleanor Young
Boys(8-11) -27kg Bronze Alfie Lovell
Boys(8-11) -38kg Bronze James Wishart
Girls(12-15) -52kg Bronze Aimee Melville
Boys(8-11) -27kg Fifth Haydn Mogg

Cirencester had 1 judoka entered:
Girls(8-11) -44kg Gold Ellen Holder

Dowty had 8 judoka entered:
Boys(8-11) -46kg Gold Nathan Berrecloth
Girls(12-15) -48kg Silver Kerry Mattholie
Boys(8-11) -27kg Bronze Harvey White
Boys(8-11) -30kg Bronze Oliver Mattholie
Boys(8-11) -42kg Bronze James Dobson
Boys(8-11) -42kg Bronze Joe Davies
Boys(8-11) -34kg Fifth Max Gregory

Newent had 8 judoka entered:
Girls(12-15) -63kg Silver Carrie Nicholls
Boys(8-11) -30kg Bronze Ben Jerome
Boys(8-11) -34kg Bronze Christian Jerome
Boys(12-15) -50kg Bronze Taran Hazuk
Girls(12-15) +63kg Bronze Brodie Nicholls
Boys(12-15) +66kg Fifth Evan Barber

Well done to everyone who took part and click here to view the full results.

Report by Beth Andrews of Bradley Stoke Judo Club.

Bradley Stoke Judo club has now been running for 12 years and has rapidly improved. Over the years the players have been achieving great things but this year has by far been one of the greatest. Last weekend we sent a squad of 18 players to fight at the British National Championships up in Sheffield, and managed to come home with half of them medalling. We won two gold's, three silver's and four bronzes - the best we've ever done!

Eli Britton took Bronze and Joseph Andrews came away with a silver medal.

Myles Nelson won Gold and he is now the British Champion two years running!

Jack Reeves took Bronze and Hannah Pitt came away with Silver.

Pete Miles is now our third time British Champion, always producing good results wherever he goes and taking Gold on this occasion.

Steph Walker got a Bronze, Ben Attwood also won Bronze and Lele Nairne got silver.

This was a fantastic weekend for our Bradley Stoke players. None of this could have been done without the great help and commitment of the coaches, Pete Douglas, Nick Brace, Kev Attwood and Roy Walker who put all their time and effort into helping our players exceed expectations and perform to the best of their abilities. We will now be training for the upcoming Nationals which is going to be a lot of hard work and tough training, but we hope to achieve just as good, and if not better results from them in January.

If you would like to read the full report please go to the BradleyStoke Judo Club website.

See picture on Gallery.

A Squad of Players from the Dowty Judo Club, recently travelled to Belfast to compete in the 2012 British Masters Championships.

Two of the Squad both won Masters titles at the event, a further two Squad members took 5th places in a highly competitive event.

Maria Ritchie competing at u63 kilo's, fought three contests, and in winning all three, retained the British title she won in 2011.

Chris Andrews, who earlier in the year won the Commonwealth title, carried his form into the British event, and competing at u/73 kilo's won all five of his contests to take the British title.

Two past medal winners from this event, Dean Douglas and Dave George found themselves drawn in very competitive pools, and despite both players recording wins, they had to settle for 5th position placing's.

See picture on Gallery.

Report from Bradley Stoke Judo Club - if you would like to read the full report please go to the BradleyStoke Judo Club website.

Ryan got Bronze, Ethan lost in golden score of the Bronze medal fight and Tatum came away with Silver.

The whole day was a fantastic experience for the players, who were guided and helped by Pete the whole day, and through the training and extra tuition they got in the lead up to the competition, they have all become more skilful fighters.

Report from Cirencester Coach Paul Whereat

On the 23rd September Ellen Holder took part in the BJC Welsh Junior Open. She competed in the age 10/11 years section of the competition and took Gold in the under 44kg group for the 2nd year running.

Well done Ellen.

Dowty Judo Club has recently been awarded a £7,063 grant from Sport England primarily for a new mat to be added to the club's proposed new dojo.

However, following problems with the Club's Landlord, it has not yet been possible to complete the new Dojo project, and so meet Sport England's criteria, and so the grant was originally withdrawn for this reason. The Club then embarked in further discussion with Sport England, and with the support of area Development Officer Steve Hammond, reasoned that whilst being unable to complete the original new dojo project through no fault of their own, other criteria identified in the original grant application would still be delivered by the club continuing to operate from their existing dojo, and this approach eventually resulted in the grant being re-instated.

Dowty Judo Club was formed 50 years ago, and in 1981 built its own dojo from which it has operated ever since.

During this period the club has built an excellent reputation and has produced champions at both Area and National level from junior through to masters categories. Within the grading structure of the British Judo Association, the club has produced in excess of 70 Dan Grades at various levels, and has gained the Sport England Club Mark Bronze level award. Much of the club's success can be attributed to owning its own dojo along with the permanent mat area from which it will continue to operate.

The club has three senior club coaches, three club coaches, one level 1 UKCC Coach, two newly-qualified instructors, and caters for junior and senior players for both the competitively minded and recreational player. They currently boast 15 junior judoka, and regularly attract a senior session of 20 judoka.

The Dowty Judo Club have recently enjoyed a successful weekend at two different competitions.

The Dowty Masters Squad travelled to the 25th High Wycombe Masters event, and with excellent performances all round achieved two Golds and two Silvers from the four Players competing.

Dean Douglas put in an excellent performance in his category, and turned a recent run of Silver and Bronze finishes, including a Silver at the Commonwealth, into a well-earned Gold.

Likewise Chris Andrews followed up his Commonwealth Gold with another 1st place at this event to continue his good form.

Steve Organ competing at his new weight of u/73 kilo's had some excellent wins which almost brought him the Gold as well, but eventually narrowly missed out to take Silver, and Dave George followed his Commonwealth 5th place with Silver.

The following day, more Players from the Club's younger and lower graded members attended an event in Kidderminster again producing some excellent results for the Club.

In the just below Black belt categories, Jake Fox put in a superb performance to take a Gold at u/60 kilo's, and in the same category, but at u/81 kilo's, Andy Ritchie showed how his Judo is progressing with a second place finish.

Two Players from Dowty's lower graded Players also made their mark in their first competition with Peter Zawadzki taking a Gold medal with a string of 5 wins, and Peter Stevens fought his way to a Silver medal finish.

Finally a mention for Brad Salter, also from the Dowty Club, who along with his Judo, is also practising Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and taking part in the Welsh Open BJJ Championships, took a Bronze Medal in the Masters category.

There was, as always, plenty going on in the County during 2011 with the on mat activities to the fore as I guess it should be.

These are good times for our Players in the County especially from a Junior/competitive perspective, and this it has to be said, is due almost entirely to the achievements of .....

Here is the rest of Pete's report.

Gloucestershire County Judo have been invited to be a part of the Olympic Torch event which visits the Cheltenham Racecourse on May 23rd.

We will have a stall facility from which we can showcase Judo by way of Banners, general information which will be got from the BJA, and if the Counties Club's want to produce their own flyer's etc, we can hand those to attendees of the event in line with their location within the County.

Pete Salter

It's annual awards time again at Newent and as well as the certificates that are given to the club members for their achievements for the year the following trophies were awarded:

Junior Trophies
Spirit of Judo : Izabelle Butler
Spirit of Judo : Oliver King

Senior Trophies
Spirit of Judo : Chris Giglio

Club Trophies
Coach player of the year : Tarran Hasuk
Club player of the year : Carrie Nicholls

See picture on the gallery.

At the recent 3 day Commonwealth Judo Champs, held at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Players from the Dowty Judo Club were particularly successful in the Masters category held on the opening day of the event.

Chris Andrews, who is a past British Masters Champion, and achieved a 5th place in last years Worlds, was competing in the u73kg category, and although nursing a long term injury performed well enough to defeat opponents from South Africa and the Home Country to take the Gold Medal, and add a Commonwealth title to his career achievements.

Dean Douglas also had an excellent day at u90kg, and wins against Players from Northern Ireland and Wales took him to his final against another English opponent who then got the better of Dean, but still left Dean with a commendable Silver Medal placing.

The third Player from the Dowty Squad, another past British Champion Dave George, also competing at u90kg, recorded two excellent wins before going out, but still leaving him with a 5th place.

See photo on Gallery.

Pete Salter

Gloucestershire Players were very successful at the recent West Team event in Taunton. The event was strictly speaking the postponed 2011 event, and the 2012 version will take place later this year.

The girls were especially successful for Gloucestershire with both the u/12's and the u/16's taking the Gold medal. Credit here must go to the Bradley Stoke Club who supplied the vast majority of Players in both teams, and with wins against Bristol, Somerset and Devon, the titles came to Gloucestershire. The Boys also gave a good account of themselves with Silver at u/12 and the Bronze medal position at u/16. Again the Bradley Stoke Club supplied many of the Players, and this was without the Players who had travelled to the Dutch Open with the West of England Squad.

The Boys Youth team was quite badly affected by the missing travelling Players, but nevertheless put in a good team performance to take the Bronze.

The Senior team, although one Player short and having to move Players around due to other circumstances, were still able to record a win against Somerset before suffering a close defeat against Devon to finish in the Silver medal position, a result they would be looking to improve on later in the year.

So a good day for the County. Our strength at Junior level definitely lies within the Bradley Stoke and Stroud Clubs at the present, but that is not to detract from the part Players from the Counties other Clubs played as they witnessed the standards they must aspire to at this level. When the 2012 version of this event takes place later in the year, the County will hopefully have their full contingent of Players to call upon, and be able to further confirm their high standing within the Western Area.

See photo on Gallery.

Pete Salter - County Chair